Vykon Canine

Our custom mixes based on your canine’s unique biology through HTMA (Hair Mineral Analysis) testing are revolutionary, all-encompassing powders made with only the finest human grade ingredients.  Each supplement is manufactured in our Health Canada licensed facility located in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.  Every vitamin, mineral and amino acid are the exact same ingredients that go into our human formulations.  

Vykon Canine is committed to provide your dog with cutting edge formulations to help them erase debilitating symptoms, revitalize cellular metabolism, reverse physical degeneration and live their best life.



If you have chosen Vykon Canine Custom powders for your dog, then this short video with Founder, Lisa Pitel-Killah will share with you some of our best practices for administering their new formula.

Remember when implementing any new protocol with your canine to start with 1/4 of the prescribed dose and work up slowly.  This will ensure success with minimizing detoxification reactions that could arise.